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XNA Deferred Rendering engine

Project Vanquish is a community based Deferred Rendering engine, extending on Catalin Zimas deferred engine tutorial.  The initial version of the project is available to download and is currently stable.  It is also in its infancy stage.  I'm looking for people to participate to the project and help out where problems occur. 

New posts and updates can be found over at, but the source code will also be housed here.

New work in progress

I have been working with a friend in order to sort out an XNA 3.1 demo that he wrote and converting it to XNA 4.  We are still in talks about whether he'll allow the source code to become Open-Source, but he's a video of where we are currently at:

Release 20226

In this release, I've amended the GBuffer RenderTargets so that alpha-blending is supported.  This can be seen when the moon comes out.  Just need to figure out the way of getting the directional light to have the same direction as the moon and the sun.

Moon glow

New shadow enhancement - in v.0.0.4

Before, when the shadow was cast, it would place a black shadow.  Now, this is fine, but not in all cases.  The enhancement now allows you to cast shadows, but see through them like in real life.

Shadow enhancement

New Hemispheric lighting in place

High Intensity

SSAO turned on

Shadow Mapping

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